24/7 alerts & temperature monitoring

Your temperature log are recorded automatically
You receive an alert when a failure occurs

No drilling required

Just put the sensor inside
Connect the eEATBOX
Get alerts by e-mail & SMS

Over 800 restaurants use our automatic temperature monitoring system and our HACCP application.

Simple. Efficient. Automatic.

Save time

Say goodbye to manual temperature readings and end-of-month catch-ups.

Detect failures

Open doors, power outage… you will be alerted if the temperature becomes too high.

Avoid loss

Do not throw food due to issues like a breakdown, for example, when returning from your vacation.

The best solution for the food industry

At eEAT, all our customers are highly satisfied thanks to ultra-performing sensors,

an easy-to-use application, and a responsive support team that is always available.


Pastry chef at Annecy

Very good value for money. A few minor updates initially, but everything works perfectly. Professional and responsive team.

Jean Marc

Caterer at Oyonnax

Competent individuals who meet our expectations and are attentive to our requests.


Director at Rouen

The eEAT team is top-notch!! Easy setup of the equipment by simply plugging them in. Intuitive tracking application.

Access temperature logs in just one click.

2 years data storage
Avalaible on iOS, Android and your computer
Unlimited users

Temperature records are done for you.

Fridge & freezer
Wireless with long communication range – 50 to 100m.
Replaceable battery with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years

Receive an alert when an invalid temperature is detected

Alerty by SMS & E-mail
Custom alarm level

The connected thermometer for the food industry.

Our sensors are specifically designed for refrigerators, cold rooms, and freezers.

Swift installation 💨

The thermometer can be attached in less than 1 minute. No tools are required, and it doesn’t obstruct the door’s opening.

Wireless 📡

No connections required. Simply place the sensors in your refrigerators, cold rooms, …”

Fridge & freezer ❄️

Our sensors work up to -30°C, both in your cold rooms and your freezers.

📱7/24 alarms

Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer, you receive alerts at the slightest malfunction.

⏳ 3 – 5 years of battery life

Is the battery empty? Just replace it, and you’re good to go again. The sensors are built to last.

📏 Long range

Our sensors have a range of 50m to 100m. You don’t need to place repeaters in every corner of your laboratory.

eEAT guarantees

100% HACCP compliant

Valid for your HACCP plan.

Easy to use

Our application is intuitive and quick to learn.

A dedicated support team

Our team is available via video, email, and phone.

Cutting-edge technology

Our sensors and application are built using the latest technologies.